Olympiacos set to forfeit Eternal Derby in protest to Greek referees

Olympiacos set to forfeit Eternal Derby in protest to Greek referees

Olympiacos are expected to forfeit their upcoming derby clash with Panathinaikos after it was revealed that Greek referees were appointed to oversee Sunday’s showdown in Piraeus…

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Olympiacos are set to follow through with their commitment to not face Panathinaikos in the presence of Greek referees as Sunday’s derby clash in Piraeus is in doubt following the referee appointments released on Thursday.

Olympiacos are expected to forfeit Sunday’s clash after the Central Refereeing Committee appointed three Greek referees for the derby at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, much to the disappointment of Olympiacos after the Erythrolefki lobbied for foreign officials during last week’s Greek Basket League board meeting.

Following the announcement of the referees for Sunday’s clash, Olympiacos announced that no tickets would be released for the game as the club remain committed to a cause that took new life during last month’s Greek Cup semifinal clash at the OAKA Olympic Indoor Hall.

Olympiacos officials were irate with officiating that night after the Erythrolefki were whistled for three fouls in the opening 28 seconds – including two against Janis Timma in just 19 seconds.

After forfeiting the second half of their clash with Panathinaikos in the Greek Cup, Olympiacos began their campaign to lobby for foreign officials for all domestic meetings with their archrivals. That campaign continued last week at the Basket League’s offices as Olympiacos officials clashed with their Panathinaikos counterparts in heated discussions.

Panathinaikos continued to strongly oppose Olympiacos’ request for foreign officials and accused Olympiacos of “blackmailing” and “bullying” the rest of the league.

While foreign officials have been appointed for all derby clashes in the Greek Super League as of late, the Basket League has not followed suit despite complaints about officials from both Olympiacos and Panathinaikos in recent seasons.


by Peter Katsiris

Image Source: to10.gr

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