Outcome Of Giannakopoulos’ London Visit, Potential New Name Linked In Takeover

Outcome Of Giannakopoulos’ London Visit, Potential New Name Linked In Takeover

A new development almost every day has practically become a formality in the long-awaited Panathinaikos takeover and AGONAsport brings you the latest. 

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As previously reported, Dimitris Giannakopoulos flew to London on Wednesday to discuss the “Athens Alive OAKA” project and inform the consortium of the new parameters they must work within as Panathinaikos’ situation deteriorates by the day in relation to obtaining a license for next season’s Championship.

There are three main outcomes to emerge from the meeting. 

  • Firstly, Giannakopoulos will contribute 20% of the funds for “Athens Alive OAKA” and the remaining 80% will come from foreign investment in the form of the consortium. 
  • Secondly, Giannakopoulos will takeover everything associated with Panathinaikos - from the Football Club, to the amateur divisions whilst still maintaining control of the Basketball Club. 
  • Finally, Giannakopoulos confirmed he will oversee all of the departments for the next three years from the day of signing. The total investment he will make is estimated to be in the region of 100 million Euro.

Meanwhile, new reports have emerged from SportDay newspaper that an unnamed Greek-American businessman with a large financial backing has been in contact with Panathinaikos in a bid to purchase the club. It is believed that he is 46 years old and active in real estate and construction. His team has reportedly approached the club to review the relevant financial data. The group are all Panathinaikos fans but have no links to any former players or shareholders.

SportDay also revealed that Giannis Alafouzos rejected Giannakopoulos’ offer of exclusivity due to this ongoing interest from America (the group has been interested from November). However, it is tipped the group would be willing to work in conjunction with Giannakopoulos and his consortium but at the same time, they are yet to seek any involvement in the OAKA project. However, these reports were officially falsified later by Panathinaikos. 

by Nick Tsambouniaris
Image Source: sdna.gr
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