Panathinaikos and Panionios set for six-point deductions

Panathinaikos and Panionios set for six-point deductions

Panathinaikos and Panionios are set to be deducted 6 points each before the start of next season for falling foul of licensing regulations, following a decision made by Greece’s Professional Football Committee (EEP) on Wednesday.

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In the presence of officials from FIFA’s Monitoring Committee, the SuperLeague’s proposal was approved by the EEP, and their decision is expected to be rubber-stamped by the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) on Friday.

For Greens and Panthers fans this means that if their teams do not get a license from the federation’s licensing committee due to debts, they will avoid relegation but start the new league campaign with -6 points, and they will also face transfer sanctions.

What transfer sanctions will come into play

There are many sanctions which will kick in for unlicensed teams. Here is a look at them in detail:

a) Teams will be able to sign as many Greek footballers under 23 years of age as they like.
b) In the July-August transfer period, they will be able to acquire ONLY ONE player over 23 years of age, Greek or foreign.
c) In the January transfer period, they will only be able to sign ONE GREEK footballer over 23 years of age and no foreigners (of course, unlimited Greeks under 23).
d) They may only make two player contract renewals for players over 23 years of age, irrespective of their nationality. These updates can be made both in the summer or in January or one in the summer and one in January.
e) The two renewals of contracts to which they are entitled shall be prohibited from increasing the remuneration to such players.
f) In all new transfers, the contracts are forbidden to exceed 100,000 euros (each new player's earnings will have this amount as a maximum).
g) In any transfer or loan transaction, it will be forbidden to give money to a another club (for transfers for example - only free agents).

Significantly, the above penalties only concern groups that will not be granted a license due to debts. Exceptions are clubs that do not receive a license due to unwarranted future earnings (as is possibly the case with Panionios who did not receive a UEFA license). 

Also, the penalty for such cases will be a fine up to 20,000 euros. Last but not least, the SuperLeague's recommendation for these new penalties only concerns the period 2018-19, which means that they will be re-examined during the coming season.

by Graham Wood
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