Panathinaikos in disarray

Panathinaikos in disarray

The current situation at Panathinaikos has the club’s fans worried for the upcoming season ahead. The Prasini are facing numerous problems and many players have started to question the reliability of the president and administration. The severity of the situation will clear up during the club’s first training session of the season which is set to take place in a few days.

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Three days before the first training session of the season, the situation at Panathinaikos is far from ideal. With daily reports of limited cash flow, inconsistency with payments to the players and staff, and the desire of many players to leave the club, a negative atmosphere surrounds the team. In turn, the players are in a state of doubt and uncertainty, which can surely affect their spirits and mentality on the pitch.
The first doubts arise with the club’s inconsistency to pay its staff and players. Reports today mentioned that the wages for February were given out today, June 23!  
In addition, many key players from last season could very well be on their way out of Athens. With Berg abandoning the team for the millions in the UAE, Moledo openly expressing his will to return to Brazil, and Wakaso denouncing the club for not paying his rent or wage, one can understand what environment exists inside the club’s locker rooms. Even Niklas Hult, who had expressed his will to continue with the Prasini after denying a great offer from Standard Liege, has second thoughts about remaining with the club, according to recent reports.
To add to the chaos, Nikos Lymberopoulos resigned from his position as the club’s technical director. After Lymberopoulos' resignation, fans stormed the offices of Panathinaikos showing their frustration with the administration while breaking windows and kafedes. The fans demanded answers and the resignation of Giannis Alafouzos.

The former Panathinaikos player along with current coach Marinos Ouzounidis were regarded as the two men responsible for holding the club together during these difficult times. The two were in contact with the players on a daily basis in order to calm their nerves and rest their uncertainty with the situation at club. However, as long as the financial situation remains in a downward spiral and the administration fails to support the club, the negative climate surrounding the players will surely remain.

Much needs to be done before a trust between the club and the players can be formed. And time is limited before the season starts in Greece and in the Europa League qualifiers, which are a month away.  However, president Giannis Alafouzos, does not seem willing to bother with the fact that one of Greece’s most historic clubs, Panathinaikos, seems to be falling apart.

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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