PAOK’s Gate 4 fans: “Over our dead bodies the Ethniki at Toumba”

PAOK’s Gate 4 fans: “Over our dead bodies the Ethniki at Toumba”

PAOK’s Gate 4 fans released a pretty clear statement opposing the Ethniki’s move to Toumba.

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PAOK’s organized fans are clearly opposed to the Ethniki’s rumored move to ‘their’ home stadium in Toumba. The Gate 4 fans released an official statement regarding the matter, mentioning that there is no place at Toumba for those that steal championships from the club and for those that “rape” Greek sports. The statement is targeted to the governing body of Greek football, the Hellenic Football Federation, who also governs the National Team. A reminder, the latest reports out of Greece named Toumba stadium as the Hellenic Football Federation’s (EPO) number one choice for the Ethniki’s new home.

Below is the official statement from PAOK Gate 4 Fans:

After the latest rumors that the National Team’s stadium is to be moved to Toumba, we only have one thing to announce explicitly and categorically. Not even over our dead bodies. Those who steal championships, cups, and rape Greek sports, do not have a place in our home and they will find us against them. Of course, we demand PAOK FC to put an end to this matter once and for all with an official announcement.

PS: PAOK f** the Ethniki

PS2: Win in London


S.F. PAOK Gate 4

The bold statement has put the federation in a tough position in the ongoing saga of the Ethniki’s next home stadium ahead of the EURO 2020 qualifiers. According to, the Pankritio stadium in Crete is the new favorite to host the Ethniki’s matches in the upcoming qualifying campaign.

That being said, the renovations set to take place at the Pankritio stadium stand as a barrier to Greece’s move to Crete with UEFA scheduled to visit in January to inspect the Ethniki’s first choice home ground. The concern is that the renovations will be not finished before the scheduled inspections, which further complicates the situation.

Along with the Cretan stadium, the OAKA, AEL FC Arena, Xanthi FC stadium, and Toumba stadium are amongst the five grounds submitted to UEFA as Greece’s possible primary “home” for the EURO 2020 qualifiers. A final decision is expected by EPO before December 7th.


by Sarantos Kaperonis

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