Patience Wearing Thin In Green Camp

Patience Wearing Thin In Green Camp

On Friday, a day before the comfortable home win over Lamia, Panathinaikos players issued a joint statement setting out their frustrations which have built up over time across the season. The playing group has united as one to reinforce they will no longer tolerate broken promises and dishonest behaviour from club administration.

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To sum up the statement, the players said they have stood by the club during the difficult times even though many quality players have been sold. Furthermore, the playing group echoed it has displayed patience and honesty to all involved in the club, whether that be to coaching staff or administrators.

There is a clear sense of betrayal that has been felt as a series of promises and reassurances at previous meetings have been broken on several occasions. The feelings of frustration and anger are mainly towards club administrators, not other employees of the club as they have also gone unpaid for a few months.

The statement also went onto say that patience is swiftly wearing thin to the point where more drastic measures will be taken if a solution is not reached by the end of the month. The players concluded by stating they respect the enormous history of the club and will keep fighting for themselves and the fans.

By “drastic measures”, it is believed the playing group would strike from training, however, no one knows if this strike would be for 1 hour or 1-2 days. This clearly illustrates how much a loyal playing group’s patience has evaporated as debts have not yet been paid and uncertainty still exists with Alafouzos and his situation. In a bid to quell fears, President Vasilis Konstantinou visited training and promised to make payments by the 1st of March.

This fight the players spoke about was evident a day later as the Greens swept aside Lamia with two top class goals from Mounier and Insua in the second half. The same mentality will need to be repeated in the next game against Eternal Rivals, Olympiakos.

by Nick Tsambouniaris
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