Pereira and Kasami hit with 8-month suspended jail sentence

Pereira and Kasami hit with 8-month suspended jail sentence

The Greek Justice system proceeded to an unprecedented decision regarding Vitor Pereira and Pajtim Kasami. Both former coach and player of Olympiacos were punished with an 8-month suspended jail sentence for their uncalled for insults following an AEK fan’s lawsuit.

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The Greek Justice system made a clear statement that provocative behaviours will be vigorously punished. Both Swiss-Albanian Pajtim Kasami and Portuguese Vitor Pereira were sentenced to an 8-month suspended imprisonment for unprovoked insults and offensive gestures towards AEK fans in the second leg of the 2015 Greek Cup quarterfinals between Olympiacos and AEK at the OAKA stadium. The gestures from both Pereira and Kasami following Olympiacos’ goal in the 89th minute, which sent the Erythrolefki to the next round, sparked chaos in the stadium and AEK fans invaded the pitch as the game was abandoned.  

The court’s decision came as a result of a lawsuit filed by AEK fan Christos Garyfallou who reacted to the gestures of Pereira and Kasami following Jara’s 89th minute goal. The defense was that football games should host acts of sportsmanship and not violent, provoking actions.
The decision means that any further violation of Greek law (in any matter, football or non-football) by Kasami or Pereira within the next three years, will result in an 8-month jail sentence, no exceptions, added to any consequences of their next action (if it occurs). Pereira currently resides in Germany and coaches 1860 Munich while Kasami has returned to Olympiacos after a loan spell at Nottingham Forest. The decision is a statement to anyone, player, coach, or staff member, that wishes to provoke in the future.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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