Perfect Petrounias

Perfect Petrounias

Greek gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias has quickly become a Greek sporting legend over the past few years, as he has dominated the men’s rings event.

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Many may remember Pyrros Dimas as the first Greek to really dominate their sport. Nowadays we have Eleftherios Petrounias and Ekaterini Stefanidi, with the former now having gone three consecutive seasons without anything other than a gold medal in major competitions. Petrounias, like Stefanidi, is the reigning Olympic, World, and European champion. He is only the second Greek gymnast to hold all three titles at the same time, as Dimosthenis Tampakos also did so (and also on the rings) in 2003-2004.

In 2015, Petrounias became only the fifth gymnast to ever win the rings event at both the World and European Championships in the same year. This year, he became the ninth gymnast to ever defend the rings title at the World Championships (they were not held due to the Olympics last year, which he also won). He is also the first Greek gymnast to win two consecutive World Championship gold medals since Vlasios Maras did so in 2001 and 2002 on the horizontal bar.

Petrounias has won every competition since April 2016, where he finished second in the Olympic test event, which is not considered a major competition. Since then he has competed seven times, and prior to that he had gone six competitions without being beaten as well.

The Greek “lord of the rings” will hope to continue his dominance in 2018, as he will be competing in the European Championships in Glasgow, and in the World Championships in Doha.

A look at Petrounias’ major achievements to date:

Olympic Games:
Rio 2016-Gold

World Championships:
Montreal 2017-Gold
Glasgow 2015-Gold

European Championships:
Cluj-Napoca 2017-Gold
Bern 2016-Gold
Montpellier 2015-Gold
Berlin 2011-Bronze

European Games:
Baku 2015-Gold

Mediterranean Games:
Mersin 2013-Gold

By Andrew Stamas
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