Poor management forces Katsouranis out of Panachaiki

Poor management forces Katsouranis out of Panachaiki

In late November, former Greek international midfielder Kostas Katsouranis left his post as Panachaiki technical director, and the reasons behind his departure have now become clear.

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Since joining Panachaiki as the club’s technical director in the summer of 2016, Katsouranis worked miracles with the organisation, helping the Patras club win the Gamma Ethniki and claim third place of the 2017/2018 Football League. However, after a disagreement with the Panachaiki management, Katsouranis decided to hand in his resignation in November with the team among the favourites to earn promotion to the Super League.

Last week, the reasons behind his decision have become clear. According to the Greek media, Katsouranis had requested for the training facilities to be updated, with the 39-year old blaming the poor pitch quality for a number of injuries which the players received. Nevertheless, despite his request, the administration refused to improve the pitches and Katsouranis was left feeling thoroughly frustrated with their lack of desire to listen to his queries.

Another major sticking point was the players’ poor salaries and irregular payments. At times, Katsouranis saw that some of the footballers in the team didn’t even have enough money to purchase petrol for their cars as a result of not receiving their wages, and this matter was continuing to get worse. Katsouranis pleaded with the board to change their ways, but after understanding that all of his efforts were in vain, he made the call to hand in his resignation and leave Panachaiki.

Without Katsouranis in the club set-up, Panachaiki currently occupy eighth place of the 2018/2019 Football League table with 11 points in eight matches, and they trail leaders Volos NFC by a large 14 points.


by Shaun Nicolaides

Image Source: to10.gr

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