Restructuring proposal legally approved

Restructuring proposal legally approved

As expected, the restructuring process of the Greek football system will go ahead this summer, with House of Representatives voting in favour of the proposal put forward by Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Giorgos Vasiliadis.

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On Monday, the restructuring issue was discussed by the Greek government, and it turned into a rather heated affair as Vasiliadis was heavily criticized by his peers. “Since last year, you have all known how many teams will be relegated and promoted,” responded Vasiliadis. “Everyone knew it! My personal opinion was to have three tiers each made up of 10 teams. However, the football federation and the league wanted to have 14 teams, and we came to an agreement after a debate in the summer. The new system will be more economically viable for the teams promoted from the Gamma Ethniki.”

Eventually, the majority of the House of Representatives voted in favour of the restructuring system, in turn meaning Vasiliadis’ project will go ahead as planned. In the 2019/2020 season, 14 teams will play in the Super League, while a further 12 (or possibly 14) compete in the newly created Super League 2. In the past, the Football League has been the second tier, but it will now become the third step on the Greek club football ladder with 14 participating clubs. The Gamma Ethniki is the fourth level.

There will be one single Board of Directors for the Super League 2 and the Football League.

It was also confirmed that Platanias will play OFI in the relegation/promotion playoff for a berth in the 2019/2020 Super League. Initially, Apollon Larissa looked on course to finish in second position of the Football League, but they were docked three points from the standings after failing to meet licensing requirements.

It will later be decided whether a playoff system will be used for the 2019/2020 Super League season for the top and bottom ends of the table.


by Shaun Nicolaides

Image Source: sport-fm.gr

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