Similar Details Agreed For Skibbe Extension

Similar Details Agreed For Skibbe Extension

Last week, the Greek Football Federation (EPO) agreed to extend national team coach Michael Skibbe’s contract for another two years. Despite the failure to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the German manager was credited with turning the team’s fortunes around after a disastrous two years. 

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Skibbe is back in his native Germany at the moment, ready to come back to Greece when the final signatures need to be made on the new deal.

The details of the two-year extension, which will bring the 52-year-old through to the end of the EURO 2020 qualifiers, appear similar to Skibbe’s previous deal. While there have been some reports that Skibbe’s salary would be getting a ‘haircut’ (some estimates suggest a drop to €380,000 per year), the expectation is that the yearly salary for the Ethniki coach will be somewhere near his previous deal which was approximately €500,000. 

In addition to that, Skibbe will also have the same assistants as the recent qualifying campaign. Kostas Tsanas and Thomas Stratos are set to stay on as Ethniki coaches for the next two years.

The EPO is hoping that keeping Skibbe on as manager, something the players were firmly in support of, as well as his assistant coaches will help bring about a sense of continuity and consistency looking ahead to the short-term future of the national side.

by George Tsitsonis
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