Skibbe: “ We Will Not Only Defend, We Will Also Look to Attack”

Skibbe: “ We Will Not Only Defend, We Will Also Look to Attack” 

Michael Skibbe stated in the pre-game press conference that Greece cannot sit back and defend for the 90 minutes but they will need to look for a goal against Belgium.

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Michael Skibbe expects his players to be competitive against a difficult Belgium side in Saturday’s qualifier in Brussels. The German coach gave insight on the tactics he plans to use against Belgium stating that his team will not only sit back and defend, but will also look to attack and find a goal.

When asked if he was going to use three stoppers he stated “We have the experience to play with 3 stoppers. Belgium is a good attacking team, but we are very strong in defense. However we play, we will not have our minds solely on defending but also on the attacking play.

We will play like this tomorrow, that way we are competitive against a very difficult opponent. We will try and get the best result we can from the match. Our goal is to climb in the standings and that is what we seek and will continue to do.”

As for what he would not like to see from his players in tomorrow’s match “The thing I want to say is that I do not want my players to give too much respect to their opponents. Tomorrow we will hope to show that we not only can play good defense , but that we can attack as well.” 

Michael Skibbe did not mention anything about which players will start against Belgium in tomorrow’s qualifier.

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