Sokratis: “It is a blessing to be born Greek”

Sokratis: “It is a blessing to be born Greek”

In a recent interview, Sokratis Papastathopoulos stated that the Ethniki has nothing to fear in the upcoming World Cup qualifying playoffs and that it is a great honour for anyone who wears the Galanolefki jersey.

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Below is what the Greek international stated in his interview with Real News:

“It does not matter who our opponent will be. For any team that has made it to this stage, they surely deserved it and there are no easy opponents now. What matters is how we are going to play. We do not lack talent or skills and with a little bit of luck, we can surely qualify for the World Cup.

After two disastrous years, our first goal was to become a team once again and we tried hard every day to accomplish this goal. It is an honour to be wearing the Galanolefki jersey and we surely want to compete against the best teams in the world.

Despite the difficulties, we are still alive and determined not to waste this chance we have earned. We are a family and that can be seen on the field. Hopefully, we will continue to stay that way.

It is a blessing to be born Greek. I do not feel as an ambassador of our country in the football world, but more of an ambassador of a country with a great history and civilization. Greece is a country with many beauties and despite the problems faced in recent years, we continue to survive and create. Greece manages to overcome obstacles. What is needed is unity and optimism; both are equally important when you want to build something great.”

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