Sokratis: “It is time for the Greek People to Start Loving the Ethniki Players”

Sokratis: “It is time for the Greek People to Start Loving the Ethniki Players”

In a post game interview with OTE Sport, Sokratis Papastathopoulos clearly stated that it is time for the Greek people to start loving and supporting the players of the Greek National Team.

After the match the Borussia Dortmund star stated “According to how the game went, we can say that we could have came away with the victory. It is very difficult to play with 10 players here. The opposing team had players with great abilities and that is how the match ended 1-1. Of course the players of Belgium are very good. It is a young team with lots of talent and a bright future. The situation in the group is as it was. It is important that we did not lose. The match against Bosnia is going to be very important.”

Surely it will affect us that we won't have Tzavellas and Tachtsidis. The thing we said with the players when we started this campaign is to become once again a team. When a player is missing, he should be replaced by another player that shows that he is worthy of wearing the ethnosimo.

Let us not stay stuck on Lukaku. The Greek people should begin to love their players and see that we have something great. It was important to us that we had 2,500 Greeks here today. The match finishes and everyone goes home after. Xronia Polla to all the Greeks. Let us stand united. I hope we can get the away win in Bosnia.”

In an interview with SKAI, Sokratis went on to say “Today’s performance showed that we are beginning to find what we had lost. We are a big family. I have said it before, the goal of this campaign was not to qualify for the World Cup, it was to become once again a TEAM. I want to thank all the Greeks that were here today. Today was an important day for us. I hope that we gave happiness to the Greek people during these difficult times. Xronia Polla Greece.”

Image Source: gazzetta.gr
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