Super League 2 kick-off postponed two weeks

Super League 2 kick-off postponed two weeks

The Super League 2 season will kick off on a two-week delay and is set to start on the weekend of September 29th.

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The Super League 2 season will begin on a two-week delay after the league released an official statement on Tuesday. Due to a delay in agreeing on a TV deal, the original start date - this weekend - was not feasible and thus, the league announced a new start date for September 29th weekend. Eventually, a TV deal was reached which allowed the league to officially announce a start date to the 2019/20 season.

As a result, the playoffs will begin on March 1st and will conclude on May 10th weekend.

The new Greek second division will feature 12 teams. A total of 22 rounds will be played in the regular season followed by playoffs and playouts. Teams ranked 1-6 in the regular season will partake in the playoffs while teams ranked 7-12 will compete in the playouts. All points accumulated in the regular season will carry over to the playoffs and playouts.

The top team at the end of the playoffs will gain promotion to the Super League while the second-placed team will face the Super League’s 13th placed team (second from bottom in the playouts) in a two-legged promotion/relegation playoff for a spot in the 2020/21 Super League. The two last-placed teams from the Super League 2 at the end of the playouts will be demoted to the Football League, the Greek third tier. 

For a full link to the 2019/20 Super League schedule visit here.


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