SuperLeague set το present clubs with new-look structure

SuperLeague set το present clubs with new-look structure

The current SuperLeague season may not yet have completed but the organisation’s executive committee are already set to put forward their proposals for a new-look format for Greece’s top flight next week.

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Restructuring plans for the competition have been in the works ever since it was revealed in February that television broadcaster Nova would seek to make deals with individual clubs rather than a package for all 16 teams.

Developments are moving at a fast pace with SuperLeague officials expected to present their suggestions to the clubs at the next scheduled executive committee meeting.

The initiative has largely come from the government, since ERT has thrown its hat into the ring for TV rights. Both the state and the SuperLeague itself want to create and project a more “competitive product”.

Deputy Sports Secretary George Vasiliadis has been heavily involved in drawing up the restructuring plan for all three professional leagues, the SuperLeague and Football League 1 and Football League 2.

According to reports, the proposals have been welcomed by the clubs, especially the smaller clubs, who are keen to see their current poor financial plight improved with a healthy injection of TV money.

How the new-look SuperLeague could shape up

According to the proposals put forward by Vasiliadis, the concept is to rename the three divisions as such: Super League 1, Super League 2 and Football League. 

As far as the top flight goes, the proposal is to reduce the number of teams from 16 to 12, while Super League 2 would have 10, with the Football League made up of 12 teams - a total of 34 professional clubs.

There are question marks as to when this restructure could take effect, however. The initial thought was that it could be implemented from 2018-19, but time has run out and logically it will take effect from the 2019/20 season.

It remains to be seen how the clubs will respond to the final confirmed proposals, and more announcements are expected following next week’s meeting.

by Shaun Nicolaides
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