The Disgraceful Violence of the Cup Final in One Video

The Disgraceful Violence of the Cup Final in One Video released a video of the disgraceful violence that took place before Sunday’s Greek Cup Final between PAOK and AEK.

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PAOK were crowned champions of this year’s Greek Football Cup after a 2-1 win over AEK on Sunday. However, what took place before the game was a complete disgrace for all of Greek Football as the fans of PAOK and AEK clashed amongst themselves and with authorities, both inside and outside of the Panthessaliko stadium in Volos.

The first incidents occurred in the surrounding areas of the stadium where the police forces used gases after tension with the AEK fans. Along with the fires that were set around the stadium, the atmosphere was suffocating.

The fans of PAOK then rushed onto the pitch where they threw flares, molotov, seats from the stadium, and even the corner flag at the authorities. The AEK fans followed as they entered the pitch and clashed with the police. 

Then, PAOK’s fans and AEK’s fans began to fight each other on the pitch and on the crossbridge (was left unsecured by police) which united the two ends of the stadium where each club’s fans were sitting. Thankfully, no one fell from the crossbridge which would have resulted in the worst case scenario. 

The chaos then spread to the VIP section where the fans continued to fight each other while throwing anything they could get their hands on.

In an action to calm the situation, the AEK and PAOK players entered the pitch together, as one before the Cup final kicked-off on a 30-min delay.

The shameful and embarrassing video of the incidents are below from 

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