The free-agents in the Superleague

The free-agents in the Superleague

The summer transfer window officially opened in July and the signings are in full effect for many teams in Greece, including the top-4. AGONAsport, with the help of, looks at all the free agents in the Superleague. 

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Year in and year out, free agents can prove to be valuable additions to a team in the offseason and going into this summer, there are multiple high quality free agents from last year’s Superleague. The below list includes all the free agents in the Superleague, excluding players that fall in the following categories:

  • free agents that have already renewed their contract with a club, although no official announcement has been made by their respective club (e.g. Panionios’ Masoud) 
  • players that are certainly leaving their current clubs but are still under contract (e.g. Asteras Tripolis’ Dimoutsos)
  • players that are on contract with either Iraklis or Levadiakos, who are both facing relegation. The team that is eventually relegated is expected to release multiple players to cut expenses for the new season in the second division.
  • Free agents that have already been announced by a team or have agreed to terms with a club for next season.


Dimitris Sotiriou (Platanias, 25/0)
Stefanos Kotsolis (Panathinaikos, 0/0)
Andrey Harbunow (Atromitos, 29/0)
Junior Huanderson (Iraklis, 26/0)
Gennady Xenodochov (Larisa, 17/0)
Jonathan Lopez (Veroia, 22/0)
Tomáš Košický (Asteras Tripolis, 6/0)
Ilias Vouros (AEK, 0/0)
Giannis Arampatzis (Kerkyra, 3/0)

Right Wing Backs
Alexandros Apostolopoulos (Platanias, 19/1)
Leonidas Argyropoulos (Panionios-Iraklis, 13/0)

Aristotelis Karasalidis (Xanthi, 20/0)
Georgios Kousas (Panetolikos, 29/1) 
Tasos Papazoglou (Panetolikos, 5/0)
Borislav Jovanovic (Larisa, 14/1)
Cyril Kali (Veroia, 26/0)

Left Wing Backs
Giannis Zaradoukas (Kerkyra, 17/0)

Defensive Midfielders
Fanis Tzandaris (Olympiacos, 0/0)
Esteban Cambiasso (Olympiacos, 14/0)
Antoni Lila (Pas Giannina, 18/1)
Lefteris Intzoglou (Iraklis, 26/0)
Grigoris Makos (Panetolikos, 25/3)
Lenogololo Masalesa (Larisa, 14/0)
Rachid Hamdani (Asteras Tripolis, 25/0)

Center Midfielders
Chori Dominguez (Olympiacos, 11/3)
Panagiotis Ballas (Panionios, 1/0)
Juan Munafo (Platanias, 27/3)
Martin Tonso (Atromitos, 29/6)
Dimitris Grontis (Atromitos-Iraklis, 16/1)

Ronald Vargas (AEK, 17/2)
Karim Soltani (Xanthi, 20/2)
Eduardo Britto (Atromitos, 15/0)
Thanasis Ntinas (Platanias, 11/0)
Fanouris Goundoulakis (Platanias, 18/0)
Giannis Passas (Iraklis, 26/1)
Jorge Monteiro (Iraklis, 26/1)
Gary Coulibaly (Levadiakos, 24/0)
Lossemy Karaboue (Levadiakos, 18/1)
Jeffrey Sarpong (Veroia, 24/5)

Christos Aravidis (AEK, 13/3)
Sebastian Leto (Panathinaikos, 22/7)
Hamza Younes (Xanthi, 27/19)
Antoni Le Tallec (Atromitos, 26/6)
Emanuel Perrone (Iraklis, 26/4)
Vaggelis Mantzios (Levadiakos, 18/2)
Pantelis Kapetanos (Veroia, 24/6)

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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