The Future Of Dimitris Kourbelis

The Future Of Dimitris Kourbelis

The future of young Panathinaikos captain Dimitris Kourbelis received a lot of media attention throughout the January transfer window. This was to be expected given the financial situation at Panathinaikos, especially since club management deemed the Greek international defensive midfielder as the “biggest asset”.

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Panathinaikos and PAOK had agreed to terms for the transfer of Kourbelis. With the Greens desperate for cash and players they happily agreed to the 1.5 million Euro offer, plus the loan signings of 3 players - Kace, Konstantinidis and Mystakidis. Kourbelis was given the green light to move north, all he had to do was agree his wages.

The transfer also made sense from PAOK’s perspective, as he is a quality player approaching the best years of his career and the Thessaloniki club are at the top end of the ladder challenging for the League title and Cup simultaneously. However, it had been touted from the beginning that Kourbelis himself was not keen on a move to a rival Greek club. His desire was to move abroad to further his career.

This was exactly the way it transpired on Deadline Day as Kourbelis made it clear he would not move to PAOK. Enter Sampdoria. The Serie A club is currently enjoying a successful season and had been interested in Kourbelis for some time, they even sent a scout to watch him earlier in the month. They ran out of time to submit an offer the Greens would accept but talks are not over.

Panathinaikos are hopeful of reaching an Odisseas Vlachodimos type of agreement with Sampdoria, where Kourbelis would head across the Ionian Sea at the conclusion of the current season. Panathinaikos are holding out for 2.5 million Euro and this deal is looking increasingly likely as the player himself wants to join Sampdoria to further his career.

by Nick Tsambouniaris
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