The Hellenic Football Federation’s six proposals to avoid FIFA soccer GREXIT

The Hellenic Football Federation’s six proposals to avoid FIFA soccer GREXIT

Greece are teetering on the brink of expulsion from FIFA and UEFA competitions following the recent spate of crowd violence which caused the temporary suspension of all football in the country.

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Now, with FIFA’s monitoring committee having already confirmed that it will recommend a full suspension, “without a grace period” when it submits its report to world football’s governing body in May, time is running out for the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) to lobby for their case.

EPO has reportedly put together a framework of six proposals which it will submit to FIFA and UEFA in writing in the hope of convincing the authorities that they should not be suspended. AGONAsport’s Athens-based correspondent Graham Wood takes a look at what the proposals put forward.

1) Set up a five-member committee within the EPO, which will assess violence and incendiary statements or social media reports weekly, and will also promptly inform the disciplinary bodies of football and the Ethics Committee.

2) Review all football regulations by introducing stricter provisions to combat violence.

3) The abolition of the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Court to act as the Court of Disciplinary Justice in the third degree, which Greece’s minister for sport and culture Giorgos Vasiliades also approves of, as well as new tightening of the penalties for violence.

4) A strict framework for the granting of only one postponement in any disciplinary legal cases, and only in extenuating circumstances.

5) Transfer of competence to investigate unfavorable crises from the Ethics Committee to Disciplinary Committees. *It is worth nothing that this is something that was agreed last summer with FIFA & UEFA but has not been applied.

6) Control and evaluation of the operation of all competitions  (Super League, Football League, Greek Cup, etc) at all levels by the EPO, as well as the corresponding football bodies according to the delegation of competence by the EPO.

While full details of what the “stricter provisions” to combat violence and “tightening of the penalties for violence” will entail, it is clear that something has to give among the clubs in terms of how they handle their organised groups of fans and police their stadiums on matchdays.

There are some firm proposals on the table, but it remains to be seen whether the above will be enough to impress the FIFA executive committee, who will decide Greece’s fate at their next assembly meeting in Nyon in May.

by Graham Wood
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