The money at stake in the Champions & Europa League

The money at stake in the Champions & Europa League

Competing in Europe’s two high profile competitions, the UEFA Champions and Europa League, not only adds to a club’s prestige, but it can certainly bring a high amount of revenue as well. AGONAsport looks at the money at stake for the Greek teams in this year’s UEFA Champions and Europa League.

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The Greek teams representing our nation in Europe’s club competitions this season have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of money, especially in a time where a financial crises in Greece has been transmitted to football as well. Although qualifying for the group stages of either the Champions or Europa League is not an easy task, it can make a huge difference in the club’s finances for the season and the long run.

More favoured are the teams that take part in the Champions League qualifying rounds. Both Olympiacos and AEK will attempt to earn their place in the group stages as they begin in the 3rd qualifying round and will need to pass two rounds to play in the “golden” group stages. 

If AEK are eliminated in the third qualifying round, they will collect €420,000, whereas Olympiacos would collect €670,000 as the Peiraiotes enter the qualifiers as champions of Greece. In this scenario, both teams will automatically be “demoted” to the Europa League playoffs. 

If Olympiacos and AEK advance to the Champions League play offs, the monetary reward of course is greater. A place in the group stages means that each team will collect a bonus of €2 million, whereas in the case they fail, they will be compensated with €3 million and a spot in the Europa League group stages. 

In addition, competing in the Champions League means a fixed bonus of €12.5 million while each victory results in an additionally €1.5 million and €500,000 for each draw. Thereafter, a bonus is awarded for advancing to each round in the Champions League competition (advancing to the Last 16 results in a bonus of €6 million). Apart from the above bonuses, teams also get money from the market pool that corresponds with each country. Olympiacos, as champions, will claim 55% of the market pool, whereas AEK will collect 45%. In the case that only one team advances to the group stages, the whole market pool will go to that sole team. 

On the other hand, the Europa League offers much lower sums but the reward is still significant. As a reminder, Panionios will begin in the second qualifying round (kick off today), whereas Panathinaikos and PAOK will start in the third qualifying round. If a team does not make it through the second qualifying round, they will collect €225,000 as a consolation. The teams eliminated in the third round will collect €235,000, whereas the teams that are eliminated in the playoffs will collect €245,000. 

Advancing to the group stage of the Europa League secures a fixed bonus of €2.6 million while each victory earns a bonus of €360,000 while a draw is worth €120,000. Similar to the Champions League, a bonus is awarded for advancing through each round in the Europa League competition. The Europa League also has a market pool that is shared between the teams that advance to the group stages. As the cup winners, PAOK get a slightly bigger piece of the market pool pie.

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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