The Penalties that Await PAOK and AEK

The Penalties that Await PAOK and AEK

Heavy penalties could await both PAOK and AEK for the fan violence that took place during Saturday's Greek Cup in Volos.

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For yet another game in Greek football, the fans turned the occasion into a battleground during Saturday's Greek Cup Final between PAOK and AEK. The clashes that took place both inside and outside the stadium not only turned what was suppose to be a celebration into a “war,” but also brought negative media to Greece worldwide. The widespread episodes resulted in numerous hospitalizations and police made more than 20 arrests.

The match observers, Nikos Vakalis and Panagiotis Diakofotis, stated in their official reports that the pitch was invaded by the fans of both teams while they clashed amongst themselves and with authorities. 

As a result, both PAOK and AEK face heavy penalties for their fans behaviour. According to the rule book, both teams will face financial penalties up to €120,000 and closed stadiums for 2-3 matches. The match bans could be enforced for the upcoming playoffs or next season.

Additionally, point deductions could be faced by both teams. The deduction penalty is applied in cases where the teams are considered responsible for their fans’ acts. Teams hold responsibility for their fans from the moment they arrive at the stadium. What is not clarified in the observers’ report is whether the episodes continued after the arrival of the two teams at the stadium. If the report states that the episodes were over with before the teams arrived at the Panthessaliko stadium, there is no apparent threat of a point deduction for either side. 

In any other case, both AEK and PAOK could face a 6 point deduction and if this is implemented, it remains to be seen whether it will applied to this season’s standings or if both teams will start next season with negative points.

Video from the fan violence can be seen here.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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