The situation surrounding Stefanos Kapino at Olympiacos

The situation surrounding Stefanos Kapino at Olympiacos

After Sunday’s derby against AEK, Olympiacos’ Stefanos Kapino was sent down to the club’s U20 team and will not travel to Turin for Wednesday’s Champions League fixture. 

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Stefanos Kapino was accused by the Olympiacos administration for playing a key role in Sunday’s defeat to AEK and the young Greek goalkeeper is now paying the price. The 23-year old has had a shaky start to the season and his appearance against the Enosis was the last straw. 

Olympiacos president, Evangelos Marinakis, made the decision to sideline the young goalkeeper and send him to the U20 squad, where he will train until further notice. Kapino was left out of the roster for Wendesday’s Champions League fixture against Juventus and Silvio Proto will be the man under the goalposts in Turn. Choutetsiotis and Skafidas will be the backup goalkeepers on the bench.

According to reports, Kapino has asked for a hearing with the team’s board of directors to discuss the situation and consequences for his performances this season. Currently, he is in a difficult position and his future within the team remains uncertain, an unfortunate development for a young, talented player that Olympiacos has invested in. 

Kapino’s final resort is the return of coach Takis Lemonis, who brings with him a goalkeeper coach that has played a vital role in Kapino’s career. Sir Takis has trust in Kapino, which was exemplified during his last coaching spell with the club, and will likely give him another chance to prove his worth. 

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