Thirty Greek medals in all major international competitions

Thirty Greek medals in all major international competitions

The Greek U20 national team became the fourth Greek team to go undefeated in a tournament and win gold at either the European or World Championships. With yet another triumph at the international level, Greece’s national teams have now won a total of 30 medals in the World and European Championships.

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Greece’s national teams count 10 GOLD medals in the World and European championships including two from the Men’s national team (1987, 2005), three from the U20 national team (2002, 2009, 2017), three from the U18 national team (1995, 2008, 2015) and two from the U17 national team (1989, 1993). In four out of these ten gold medal runs, Greece took home the title going undefeated in the respective competition.

In addition to gold, Greece have also won 11 silver medals and 9 bronze medals at major international competitions. 

The above triumphs confirm that Greece have been a force to be feared in the basketball world for many year, as the first medal of our national teams can be traced back to 1949. takes a look at all the medals Greece has won at major competitions.

2017 Eurobasket U20    Gold

2015 Eurobasket U18 Gold

2009 Eurobasket U20 Gold

2008 Eurobasket U18 Gold

2005 Eurobasket Men Gold  

2002 Eurobasket U20 Gold

1995 Mundobasket U18 Gold

1993 Eurobasket U17 Gold

1989 Eurobasket U17 Gold

1987 Eurobasket Men Gold

2010 Eurobasket U20 Silver

2009 Mundobasket U18 Silver

2007 Eurobasket U18 Silver

2006 Mundobasket Men Silver

2005 Mundobasket U20 Silver

1999 Eurobasket U17 Silver

1992 Eurobasket U20 Silver

1991 Eurobasket U17 Silver

1989 Eurobasket Men Silver

1975 Eurobasket U17 Silver

1970 Eurobasket U18 Silver

2013 Eurobasket U17 Bronze

2009 Eurobasket Men Bronze

2003 Mundobasket U18 Bronze

2002 Eurobasket U18 Bronze

2000 Eurobasket U18 Bronze

1998 Eurobasket U18 Bronze

1995 Eurobasket U17 Bronze

1992 Eurobasket U18 Bronze

1949 Eurobasket Men Bronze

by Dimitris Spiridakos
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