Time expiring on Panathinaikos to avoid relegation

Time expiring on Panathinaikos to avoid relegation


Panathinaikos’ desperate attempts to reach an agreement with former player Jens Wemmer are yet to bear fruit, leaving the struggling Athenian giants on the brink of relegation from the Super League.

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Wemmer, who only made 10 appearances for Panathinaikos between 2015 and 2017, is still owed around 450,000 by the Greens. In a lengthy court case, Panathinaikos have already been docked six points for the issue, but a third points deduction which would result in automatic relegation is just around the corner.

During this week, the Prasini had discussions with the German’s lawyer in a last ditch attempt to somehow save the situation, but no common ground was found between the two parties. At this moment in time, the likelihood of Panathinaikos rectifying the situation with Wemmer is extremely slim, meaning there is a high possibility that a third points deduction of -3 will be imposed on Monday.

Starting from today, Panathinaikos only have the next seven days to turn around the crisis and escape relegation by either paying Wemmer off in full or striking an agreement with the German. On Friday, the club made an offer to pay Wemmer 250,000 now and the remaining 200,000 in installments, but no deal has yet been signed. 

The third three-point deduction will be introduced on Monday, but Panathinaikos do have until Friday to clear up the Wemmer matter. Assuming the Greens don’t reach a compromise with Wemmer, relegation from the Super League will be confirmed on May 4.

In other news, Panathinaikos’ board had promised players that installments from December would be paid on Friday, but the management didn’t stick to its word. Players were told that technical issues prevented the money from being paid, however December’s installments will be given on Monday instead. If the players do not receive money on Monday, it’s expected that more training strikes will take place. 

by Shaun Nicolaides
Image Source: to10.gr
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