Turkish fans unveil disgraceful banner at UEL clash

Turkish fans unveil disgraceful banner at UEL clash

Turkish football supporters unveiled a shameful banner linked to the Smyrna Massacre during the UEFA Europa League clash between Trabzonspor and AEK.

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A banner with the phrase “Can you swim?” was displayed by Trabzonspor fans in their Europa League match against AEK on Thursday, a message which directly refers to the Smyrna Massacre of 1922. In what became one of the darkest moments in Hellenic history, Turkish troops ruthlessly set fire to the city of Smyrna, forcing the Greek and Armenian population to gather by the sea in an attempt to survive. Many were brutally tortured, raped and killed. An estimated 100,000 Greeks and Armenians were murdered in the tragedy.

Photo evidence of the banner unveiled by Trabzonspor supporters promptly appeared online:

AEK won the match 2-0 in Trabzon, but as a result of the 3-1 home defeat last week, the Greeks suffered elimination from the Europa League on the away goals rule. Trabzonspor advance to the group phase.

It remains to be seen if UEFA takes any action against Trabzonspor.


by Shaun Nicolaides

Image Source: sdna.gr

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