Three Years of

Three Years of

To our readers around the world,

April 22, 2019 marked the three year anniversary of the launching of, the ONLY English based website for Greek Sports fans across the world. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of YOU for your support and engagement in our site throughout the first two years.

The ultimate mission of AGONAsport is to provide a website in English that focuses exclusively on Greek Sports. This way Greeks around the world can stay connected with all the latest sporting news from Greece. Although we mainly focus on football and basketball, we also report on volleyball, water polo, Greek athletes, and anything else that has to do with sports in Greece. From the Greek Super League and Greek Third Division, to the Greek Water Polo League, to all of Greece’s National Teams, to how Sokratis performs week in and week out in the Premier League and Antetokounmpo stars in the NBA, AGONAsport has you covered. Over the last three years, we have published over 10,500 articles and stories! 

Our team has increased to 13 passionate writers, each specializing in a certain section to help bring you the most accurate, unbiased, neutral, and up to date news in Greek sports. Take a moment to read more about and get to know our team on the About Us page.

Our partnership with World Greek TV brings you access to LIVE broadcasting of Greek Sports so you do not miss any of the action of your favorite team or sport. As AGONAsport turns more focus on media based coverage of Greek sports in English, World Greek TV will be handling all your TV needs at the end of the season. A new site focussed on Greek TV will be created and everything that is offered on AGONAsport currently (day passes, single games, monthly/yearly subscriptions, hundreds of channels-and sports) will be available through World Greek TV. More information will be released in the coming weeks and we will help make this transition as smooth as possible.

As our audience increases, the site will continue to grow and develop into much more than the content it currently pertains. We have some exciting plans for the new season so check back on for updates.

We do have one exciting announcement: AGONAsport will be upgrading to a new platform and design in late June, which will make your experience on all the more better. Stay Tuned!

As you all know, we value our viewer’s feedback so we can continue to best fulfill all sports fans’ aspirations of a perfect Greek sports resource. Please feel free to reach out to us (click here) if you have any questions or inquires about the site, we are ALWAYS happy to help. 

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It has truly been a great three years and we hope to continue strong for many more. Again we thank you all for your continued support of AGONAsport.

Kali Anastasi and Kalo Pascha,

Your AGONAsport Team

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