Tzavellas: “The Club Teams' Problems Influenced the National Team”

Tzavellas: “The Club Teams’ Problems Influenced the National Team”

In Tzavellas’ interview with “Real News” newspaper, he mentioned what impacted the National Team’s poor form before the arrival of Michael Skibbe.

After a horrendous Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, Greece sit second in Group H of World Cup qualifying after 4 games and will now face the group leaders Belgium on Saturday. In an interview with the Real News newspaper, Tzavellas expressed that various problems within the club teams made their way to the National Team, negatively impacting the Galanolefki’s performance. However, since the arrival of Michael Skibbe the players of the National Team are once again a family in good spirits which has led to Greece’s improvement in this qualifying campaign.

About Greece’s match against Belgium: “We are accustomed to difficult matches and besides this game, we have faced more difficult opponents. Surely Belgium has world class players and obviously we need to be cautious, but I think we will be ready for the game.”

About how big of a problem Karnezis’ absence will be: “Of course it will be a problem, and in fact a big one, since he is our starting goalkeeper. Karelis will also be missing. Generally, it is never a good thing when there are injuries, however I believe that whoever plays they will give it their all and they will do their best to fill the gap.”
About Skibbe and why the team was going in a backwards direction: “The environment in the team has changed, we are once again one big parea, one family, and that clearly shows. Skibbe helped a lot. He is not only a worthy coach, but also a very smart person. As far as what was to blame, I think that the club teams’ small problems made their way into the National Team and it was “unhealthy” to the team. Now this is not the case and as time passes, things will continue to get better.”

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