UEFA instruct Vassiliadis to agree championship reforms with Super League and EPO

UEFA instruct Vassiliadis to agree championship reforms with Super League and EPO

Forming an obstacle for George Vassiliadis’ domestic championship reform plans, UEFA gave him a stern message that the changes must be approved by the Super League and Hellenic Football Federation (EPO)  if the Deputy Greek Minister for Culture and Sport’s idea is to come to fruition.

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Recently, Vassiliadis laid out his plans to reform the Super League for the 2018/2019 campaign, expanding the championship to 20 teams and splitting them up into two groups of ten for the regular season before European/relegation playoffs take place. However, a year later, Vassiliadis wants to then sharply reduce the amount of Super League participants from 20 to 12 for the 2019/2020 season.

At a meeting with UEFA’s Zoran Lakovic (federation director) and Angelo Rigopoulos (head of national associations governance) last Wednesday, Europe’s footballing governing body stressed to Vassiliadis that in order for his proposed changes to be introduced, the Super League organisation and the EPO must be in full agreement and will eventually have the final say. Instead of listening to Vassiliadis’ plans in detail, Lakovic and Rigopoulos simply reinforced to the Deputy Greek Minister for Culture and Sport how the relevant procedures need to be run.

Nevertheless, having not had the opportunity to explain his ideas in full, Vassiliadis will schedule another meeting with UEFA representatives. The issue can be discussed with UEFA, but if Vassiliadis is to get his own way, the Super League and EPO have to be on his side.

by Shaun Nicolaides
Image Source: to10.gr
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