UEFA/FIFA to give SuperLeague back to EPO

UEFA/FIFA to give SuperLeague back to EPO

The Superleague’s problems in organizing the Greek First Division could lead UEFA and FIFA to return the league’s responsibilities back to the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO). 

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The Superleague institution has not succeeded in organizing an attractive and entertaining Greek top flight and action could be taken by FIFA and UEFA, with reports stating that the league will be given back into the hands of the federation (EPO).
Football in Greece has been under the complete supervision of both FIFA and UEFA over the years. According to Greek newspaper Livesport, FIFA and UEFA have come to the conclusion that the Superleague institution has failed in meeting their demands of organizing a decent and sustainable league. With this in mind, the two international organizations could very well decide that the Superleague’s responsibilities should return back to EPO.
UEFA’s and FIFA’s plans include creating a Professional Football Committee that will be in charge of handling all issues in both the first and second divisions. The committee will then be responsible to bring suggestions regarding those issues to the Superleague Board of Directors, where final decisions will be made.
The article also mentions that Panathinaikos agree to this plan. Moreover, the Prasini have gone on to suggest that the committee should be composed of representatives of the Big Four, two representatives of the rest of the teams and last but not least, the president of EPO.

In its eleven years of existence, the Superleague institution has been troubled by financial problems and tension between the teams. The fact that no main sponsor has been found during these eleven years is characteristic of the league’s lack of sustainability.

Following these events, one cannot be sure about anything regarding the upcoming season. If the league is eventually returned to EPO, the changes to the league’s format set to begin next season could very well be re-examined. These changes include decreasing the amount of teams in the first division from 16 to 14 teams, the change in the playoffs which will include the regular season’s first place team, and the addition of a playout series in the fight for relegation.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
Source: Live Sport
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