Vassilis...Ronaldo OR Cristiano...Spanoulis

Vassilis...Ronaldo OR Cristiano...Spanoulis

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current all-star of European football (along with Messi) while Vassilis Spanoulis is the current all-star of European basketball. AGONAsport takes a look at the multiple similarities between the two superstars.

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Both are thirsty for championships and glory. Both are living legends in basketball and football, respectively. Both continue to work hard and shoot only for the top. Apart from the number 7 on their jerseys, Kill Bill and CR7 share a lot in common.

Although Vassilis Spanoulis turns 35 in August, he shows the urge of a rookie. This year’s Euroleague playoff series was the best of his career averaging 17.4 PPG against Anadolu Efes to lead Olympiacos to their 10th Final Four in club history. If the Erythrolefki go on to take this year's crown it will be the 4th Euroleague of Spanoulis’ career, having already won one title with Panathinaikos and two with Olympiacos. 

In 2010, he made the “dangerous” move from Panathinaikos to eternal rivals Olympiacos where he transformed the Erythrolefki to become a powerhouse in European basketball. He starred to lead the team to three Euroleague Final-4s in four seasons and win two consecutive Euroleague titles, with Olympiacos becoming the first team to do so in the competition's history. 

Spanoulis’ trophy collection expands with the Greek National Team, including the European Championship in 2005 and the silver medal at the FIBA World Cup in 2006. 

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit younger having turned 32 in February. He has also shared much success at a club level having won 3 Champions League titles (the same as Spanoulis when compared to Euroleague titles), one with Manchester United and two with Real Madrid. 

Similar to Spanoulis, he is well on his way to adding his 4th European Championship at the club level, turning the matches against Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid into a one man show. In this year's Euroleague, Spanoulis did the same against Anadolu Efes in the playoff series. 

Like Spanoulis, CR7 has only lost one European final in his career while playing for Manchester United against Barcelona in 2009 (Spanoulis’ Olympiacos lost to Real Madrid in the 2015 Euroleague final). In addition, both players left a team they were glorified at (Ronaldo Manchester United; Spanoulis Panathinaikos) to accept a new challenge which they have both overcome and exceeded expectations. 

Both Kill Bill and CR7 have taken their National Teams to European glory at the international level, with Ronaldo recently winning the Euro 2016 Championship in France last summer.
No matter if you are a football or basketball fan we can only feel lucky to have witnessed both of these players in action as they bring their respective sports to another level. The two number 7’s, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vassilis Spanoulis, are modern day legends.

by: Dimitris Spiridakos
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