Villafanez Hopes to Follow Zeca to the Greek National Team

Villafanez Hopes to Follow Zeca to the Greek National Team

Lukas Villafanez announced that he would like to take the path of Carlos Zeca and play for the Greek National Team.

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Lukas Villafanez told the cameras of that he hopes to play for the Greek National Team one day, although he has not directly spoken with Greece’s coach, Michael Skibbe. 

Villafanez stated “I am honestly very happy that Zeca earned his Greek citizenship. It is something that he wanted and something he deserved. He also wanted to help Greece through the Greek National Team. A country that he and I both love very much. For me, I am waiting for everything to take place as needed for me to have the same luck.”

As for his chances with the Greek National Team: “I have not spoken with Mr. Skibbe, however I have heard what he has stated in the past, that he foresees me with the team as well. The opportunity exists and I think that if the people that can help, do help, that the path will open up for me. However, the opportunity does exist. 
Villafanez has begun the process of obtaining his Greek citizenship although his situation is a bit more difficult than Zeca’s. Villafanez cannot earn Greek citizenship based on how long he has been in the country, since he has not lived in Greece for five years. 

However, Villafanez’s great-grandfather is of Greek descent and will look to earn his citizenship via that route. His great-grandfather, Dimitris Petrilonis, was born in Greece and moved to Argentina many years ago. According to, Villafanez has the documentation of his great-grandfather's move from Greece to Argentina but he is still looking for the birth certificate.

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